New release: multiple tab support, condition countering

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New release: multiple tab support, condition countering

Postby 10x10room » Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:08 pm

We just launched two new features: multiple tab support, and condition countering.

Those of you who have tried to play different Conclave characters in different browser tabs have seen some seriously funky results: mixed up chat messages, apparent party member swapping, and so on. Derek did some magic behind the scenes to get that all sorted out, so now you can play in multiple tabs to your heart's content.

Condition countering makes it so certain conditions will eliminate other conditions, wiping them out. For example, if my character is focused, and it becomes dazed, it will lose its focus. We think this is both flavorful and tactically interesting. Here's the full breakdown of condition counters:

  • Abjured counters focused.
  • Afraid counters enraged and inspired.
  • Dazed counters focused.
  • Enraged counters afraid.
  • Focused counters dazed.
  • Inspired counters afraid.
We hope you enjoy these changes. We have lots more of them underway; look soon for the arrival of the new utility slot, where you can equip handy items such as a brace of throwing daggers, or a healing poultice. We've also got the new story and quests in development right now, as well as the long-awaited ability to find treasure while you adventure. So stay tuned, because early 2013 promises to be an exciting time for Conclave!
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