What's in the works for Conclave: September 2013

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What's in the works for Conclave: September 2013

Postby 10x10room » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:28 pm

We've been a little quieter around here recently, but it's not because we haven't been busy; we've just been focused on a couple of areas that aren't as visible yet.

One is that we've been working on plans for the next phase of Conclave. We've got a ton of ideas to draw from, plus many of you have made excellent suggestions here or on the Feedback site. As part of our planning, we're spending some time talking with partners who might be able to help us accomplish more of our goals for the game, or at least accomplish them faster than we can now.

Another is that we're taking this opportunity to upgrade Conclave's infrastructure, particularly the software libraries we depend on for some of the game's functionality. While this won't have a big effect on the game immediately, it'll make it much easier for us to fix issues over the long haul. There are a couple of performance improvements we're especially eager to get to that depend on this, for example.

We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, we'll also be sneaking in small fixes and improvements here and there when we get the chance.

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