Update: streamlined combat events and a bug fix

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Update: streamlined combat events and a bug fix

Postby 10x10room » Tue May 13, 2014 5:34 pm

Hi all,

Although we've been pretty busy lately with work on the Conclave desktop client, we managed to sneak out a small update on the server side today. In the past, combats that ended in defeat would still display meaningless actions for any foes who hadn't acted yet in the round. Now, combats end immediately, and you can continue onward without delay.

In addition, this release includes a fix for a rare glitch that would occur in the unfortunate event of your party being defeated during a surprise round. Thanks to player "curetcd" for reporting this one.

In other news, we hope to have the Mac and Linux clients wrapped up very soon so that we can turn our full attention back to new development. We'll keep you posted.
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