State of the Game: Fall 2014

Official announcements about Conclave.

State of the Game: Fall 2014

Postby 10x10room » Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:42 pm

Last week we received some great news: Conclave has been Greenlit for Steam!

If you're unfamiliar with Steam Greenlight, it's a community-driven way for independent games to be released on Steam, Valve Software's extremely popular digital distribution service.

Getting Greenlit is a pretty important development for us. An enormous number of people -- reportedly over 100 million -- use Steam to discover new games, and while any given game will only appeal to a small fraction of them, that's still a significant number. For Conclave that means more players to party up with in the Adventurers Hall, a more active community in general, and a stronger base of financial support for development.

A bit more on that last point: like most independent game developers, we have to divide our time between actually working on the game and raising the funds we need to pay for that development, and recently we've had to do more of the latter than we'd prefer. In the long run, releasing Conclave on Steam should let us spend more time on expanding and improving the game and less time on the business stuff that's necessary but not nearly as fun.

So what's next? Before we can release Conclave on Steam, we need to do some work to integrate it with the service, and we're going to make a few improvements while we're at it. These improvements will benefit all players, not just the ones who choose to play through Steam. We've already begun working on a few and will start rolling them out in the next couple of weeks. We're aiming to wrap all this up by early next year, though there's some uncertainty in that estimate since this is our first time working with Steam.

We'll keep you posted. Thanks as always for playing and supporting the game.
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Re: State of the Game: Fall 2014

Postby Demnogonis » Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:43 pm

Congratulations for getting onto Steam!

And thank you for the information regarding the status of the game. I have recently asked, got a reply and this statement is even more positive.

We are trying to play the game casually to prevent fast passing through, but suppose many players already finished to whole quest line - which is by the way written brilliantly. I as the end-consumer would only suggest, if you could release some quests/updates in storyline or just side-quests in a small packages (one quest monthly, bi-monthly) - in my point of view, that will keep more people active, rather than one big update per year.

Either way fingers crossed and looking forward to the future of Conclave - just please keep us informed and stay in touch, so we wont despair.

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