New release: One new & one upgraded ability

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New release: One new & one upgraded ability

Postby 10x10room » Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:43 pm

While we're still hard at work getting Conclave ready for launch on Steam, we're also trying to sneak in a few small improvements while we're at it. Today we're releasing two.

The first is that we're making the trow starting ability stronger, since it seems like the trow are lagging behind the other Kin a little bit. Reflecting their innate vitality, the starting ability now removes the poisoned condition in addition to granting you +1 to all checks until the start of your next turn. The ability is also getting a new name: Trow Resilience.


Trow Resilience joins Herbalism as one of the few innate abilities that can outright counter the toxins and venoms of Orn's nastier inhabitants.

The second change is that we're adding a new ability that's unlocked by Fortitude. You might have noticed in the past that there are abilities unlocked at Fortitude 6 (Tireless), 7 (Persevere), and 9 (Indefatigible), but not at Fortitude 8. No longer!


Hardy's protection stacks with items that protect against fire and cold, like the Explorer's Tunic. It should come in handy when facing creatures of flame, wielders of the Ice Hex, and any Runecasters in your party that are a little trigger-happy with Flame Blast.

Hope you enjoy the new abilities, and we'll keep you posted on other improvements as we make them.
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