A change to how Conclave handles idle parties

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A change to how Conclave handles idle parties

Postby 10x10room » Sun May 22, 2016 6:29 pm

We've made a small change to how Conclave handles parties that go idle. Until now, the game has taken action for any players in a party that fail to complete their action within 24 hours. That helps keep things moving when a single player becomes busy, but it's not ideal behavior if your entire group is occupied unexpectedly. If you don't disable auto-advancement in Party Settings on those occasions, you can find your party facing dire straits or the failure of a quest the next day.

To keep that from happening, we've changed the auto-advancement process slightly. If no one in a party has completed their turn or placed a vote when the 24 hours is up, the game won't take any action. Instead, it'll automatically disable auto-advancement. (You can, of course, reenable it when everyone is available again.)

In other news, we've started work on an updated trailer, which is one of the last things we need to do before launching Conclave on Steam. As part of that, expect to see some more tweaks to the game's graphics and interface in the next week or two.
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