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Major Update

Postby 10x10room » Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:13 pm

We have just released a major update to Conclave. This release was themed around making Conclave more flexible about the number of players in a party, and making it easier for players to add other people to their parties.

Here is a nearly complete changelist ("nearly complete" as, with so many changes made, I'll doubtless forget something). Roughly ordered by magnitude:
  • Solo play is no longer limited to just the first quest. Play solo as long as you want.
    • Some early quests updated to make them easier for solo players to take on and reasonably succeed at. Nevertheless, you will still probably need buddies to beat the later quests.
  • You can now invite players to join your party at any time, instead of only when you are between quests.
  • You no longer have to decide whether to start out solo or jump straight into party play, because you can invite other players at any time.
    • If you have room for more players in your party, you will see a list of empty party slots in your party roster.
    • If you are up to date on the action, these slots each contain "Invite Players" buttons. Click one to invite people to join your party.
  • You can invite players via Facebook.
  • You can invite players via a link. (Please feel free to copy these into the forum if you want other players to join your party.)
  • You are no longer limited to one invite per open slot in your party. Invite as many people as you want.
    • If somebody responds to an invitation, but there is no longer an open slot in your party, they can still join Conclave, create a character, and invite you to join another party with them. We detect this situation and let the new player know exactly what's going on.
  • Quest selection now takes place from a map instead of the old interface.
    • Quests are grouped into regions.
    • A region containing your next suggested quest is highlighted.
    • Chat is present during quest selection.
  • New players are given more guidance.
    • The story screen has been overhauled to provide better information and to be visually more evocative.
    • After you create your first character and proceed to quest selection, you are given an overlay with some basics on how to play the game and use the interface.
  • New invitees get their own special guidance.
    • They see what party they have been invited to join.
    • During character creation, they are given hints about what archetypes are missing from the party.
  • You can now log in from the front page of the site, rather than having to click through to the separate login page.
  • There's a new section of the nav bar that updates to tell you whenever you've received an invite to join a new party. This replaces the old Messages list on the characters index.
  • The party page is gone, and its functions integrated into other parts of the interface.
    • Invitations are now launched from the party roster.
    • A new Party Settings button appears under the roster. Click it to change your formation, and to turn vacation mode on and off.
    • To drop from a party, just click your character in the roster. A Drop button will appear in the character details overlay, as long as you are up to date on your current quest.
    • If you are the party leader, you can kick another character or transfer party leadership to another character by clicking on that character in the roster. The relevant buttons will appear on that character's overlay, as long as you are up to date on your current quest.
  • The "choose your path" page is gone.
    • You no longer need to choose ahead of time whether you want to start out solo, or jump into party-based play. Invite other players whenever you want.
    • If you want to find a group, a new Find Group button appears at the bottom of your party roster. This only shows up if you are currently playing solo.
  • Abandon Quest moved to a button under the party roster.
  • The first pulldown menu on the navigation bar has been eliminated, and the Review Story function is now accessed by clicking the name of the quest.
  • A star appears next to the party leader. Click the star to learn more about the relevance of party leadership.
  • The difficulty of certain quests has been reduced, as a few were giving parties a lot of trouble.
  • When you click on an icon to learn more about what it does, the icon also shows in the title of the bubble that appears.
  • The font size for our story text has been increased significantly to improve readability (particularly on mobile devices).
  • The story text for our early quests has been edited.
  • Various stylistic tweaks, including improvements to the appearance of all overlays.

Please let us know what you think about the changes! As always, we also want to know what you'd like to see next from the game. The best place to do that is at
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