Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

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Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby 10x10room » Tue May 28, 2013 9:14 am

It looks like a couple of people have finished the campaign quests, or are near to doing so. If you've finished, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what your character/party looked like, and whether there were any highlights or issues that stood out to you.

CAUTION: This thread may contain spoilers from players who have finished the game, so be careful about reading it.
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby BadMojo » Tue May 28, 2013 5:06 pm

First completion! (Or at least the first to post about it. I think Mother Superior actually beat me to it since s/he posted about an issue with the epilogue on The Pillar's Heart).

I soloed the entire game with this character, starting in beta and going through the first release and the final release.

Really enjoyed the "final 15" quests. A LOT of stuff I haven't discovered yet including paths I never unlocked from distinctions I didn't find. Also didn't find very much in the way of loot from the last batch of quests. So there is a lot of replay there.

The last batch of quests were a lot harder. Even with a solo rogue, which is a pretty easy class, there were some that really took some playing with strategies to find something that worked. Especially when I was outnumbered 4:1.

Really liked the creatures that spawned other creatures. Especially the Remergent Seed in the final encounter. When he spawned I just about pooped my pants. That fight was HARD and suddenly having three more enemies to deal with...I barely made it out of that one alive.

Final character info
L10 Lumyn Rogue
Stats: 5/8/6/7/6
Secondary Stats: 18/19/2/0
HP: 33

Weapon: Spirit Blade/Stiletto dual wield
Armor: Meirscale cuirass

Distinctions gained:
Friend of the Spireguard
Marked by the Dweller
Located Razorglass
Mistshaper's Favor
Slayer of the Nithalgand
Restored the Earthwarden
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby Mother Superior » Wed May 29, 2013 2:49 am

This fleshed out the doomed world a lot. Like, now we know that there isn't a single force behind the corruption, but many different ones. Also, that poison from within seems the most frequent source. Without the aegis, how will it go?
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby Crazypoet » Wed May 29, 2013 10:47 am

I did this solo with a Lumyn Vanguard - http://www.playconclave.com/characters/31218 - this was quite a challenge, especially towards the end, as it should be.

The world is fundamentally changed, but the day-to-day challenges of city life and border security remain...

Umbra and the Refuge, the Hand, the Gray Society, the possible search for other Towers... All of these are ripe for exploration!

I'm playing other characters slowly as party member - I want to explore all of the quests from that perspective, with time to savor the moments and the surprises that an individual character misses.
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby jpeep » Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:14 pm

I did all the quests solo with a Mezoar Truebow.

Definitely help the Spireguard! It's just the right thing to do.

I've been playing since right after the Kickstarter and have a bunch of characters in parties, but I created a new guy and wanted to see how all the quests worked on my own. The the lady with the bone arm and the final dungeon were the hardest to beat for a not-magic-having sort, but the treasure and utility items really, really helped me live through it. I really enjoyed the writing throughout, though there is a very dicey moment in the Earthwarden quest when you must choose not to trust a NPC who has been helping you thus far.

I especially like the way gender is handled in the game - tons of women in the NPCs, female character designs aren't "sexy mezoars", etc., and I love how so far everyone I've played with has been cool.

Here's my character's info:

Minor abilities

Revelation (got this only at the end, still figuring out its usefulness)
Sense Danger
Quick Shot
Study the Situation
Defensive Posture
Take Aim
Inner Focus
Heroic Calling (this is the BEST, would not have made it without it)
Mist Cloak
Extinguish (wish I'd gotten these much earlier, definitely help the Spireguard boys and girls)

Major abilities

Flood the Mind (this never did anything particularly useful for me, will probably get rid of it next respec)
Rapid Shots
Running Shot
Guided Strike
Find the Center
Wurm's Vigor

Passive abilities

Mezoar Camouflage
Protective Spirit Remnant
Flaming Arrows
Toughened Skin
Meirwood Charm


Both handsFaelan spark bow - became somewhat necessary. Wish there would be a bow with a bigger range that also did the flaming arrows, or that the flaming arrows would actually catch people on fire, but I tried later quests with other bows and this was the only one that worked.
HeadCirclet of the ancient hero - the awesomest
Neck Meirwood charm
Body Meirscale cuirass - helpful against cultists
Arms Runewarded bracers - let's you put out fire on yourself, the best
Ring Ring of mists
WaistR unechain belt
Feet Boots of the wandering tribes
UtilityWurmsblood elixir


Gloves of spirit's grasp - not actually useful, but creepy and great
Golden platecoat - would be awesome for a Beacon
Warded robe - very useful in early quests
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby drusy » Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:43 pm

Another solo here, done with a Nix rogue. Loved it because it was very doable solo but still challenging enough to be interesting, I had to rethink my approach on several occasions and that's a good thing. Really looking forward to more campaigns, but quite happy to go slow on my other characters and replay until the next one. I'll nick jpeep's format for my setup, it's a bit of a hodgepodge but it got me through:

Minor abilities:

Cosh (didn't use this much, think it would be more useful in bigger parties though)
Heroic Awakening
Offhand Cut
Defensive Posture
Nix Audacity (I have seen this racial ability getting a bit of flak, but my rogue found it very valuable in later quests)

Major abilities:

Blade Dance (I think I got this last, so didn't use it much)
Twin Strike (used more than I thought I would, often on a single target)
Shadow Strike (a must-have!)
Wicked Sting
Deft Blow
Into the Shadows
Telling Blow

Passive abilities:

Protective Spirit Remnant
Sure-Footed (if you use Dash a lot, this is quite good)
Insidious Blade
Toughened Skin
Skirmisher (paired with Wary it ramped Dodge up to 21)


Main hand: Steel backsword
Off hand: Stiletto
Body: Meirscale cuirass
Wrists: Coil of the ancient hero
Waist: Runechain belt
Feet: Boots of the wandering tribes
Utility: Storm eye


Venomous shortsword (didn't try this out but may do on a replay)
Gloves of spirit's grasp
Spirit blade (this was nice for a little while, but was affecting heals too much to justify use in later quests)
Warded robe
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby BadMojo » Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:49 am

Just finished with my second character. Nix True Bow 5/8/7/5/7. Spark bow and Meirscale cuirass. Never found any loot weapons or any armor better than the Warded Robe, so it was off-the-rack weapon and armor for me. The extra fire damage from the bow helped, as did the dash/sure-footed combo plus running shot to keep me out of range, and then anything I could do to get extra attacks (quick shot, jab and shoot, rapid shots). And when the going got tough, stop, focus, and drop one down the center. I think this character was actually easier than the Nix Rogue I beat it with the first time. Nix Audacity really helped too. But by the end of Pillar's Heart, I was down to nothing but at-will actions and good armor to get me through it. Came out of it gravely wounded but still had a couple rounds left in me if I had needed it.
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby BadMojo » Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:23 am

And now tonight, I beat it with a solo Trow Runecaster. I'm now 3 for 4. Have a level 5 Trow Vanguard waiting for her turn at bat.

It was really hard with the Runecaster. Especially getting past the first encounter of Delirium. Thought it was impossible after many attempts until Danes suggested a build idea that turned it around. Had to go with a rather unconventional build - pumping fortitude and agility and armoring up heavily. Plus a buckler, plus stoneskin. That physical damage resistance is super helpful. Especially at the end of Pillar when the seed shards and the spectral guardian's attacks bounce off or do miniscule damage while you do the long mop up. So instead of pumping Will and trying to boost the arcane side, what finally did it was tanking up. Lower damage over a lot more time. A lot more. And a lot of rounds saying "is this the turn that they nail me?" and being surprised that I managed to get away with the faintest sliver of red left on the bar.

Eruption was really pretty awesome, especially with (whodathunkit?) piddly little level 1 Gust to blow enemies back into the magma.
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby Callum » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:27 am

I've finished three times now with three different-sized groups: a solo Nix Rogue; a Trow Vanguard and a Nix Rogue; and a Mezoar Runecaster with a Forgeborn Vanguard and a Lumyn Beacon. I've really enjoyed the story and the differing challenges with all these groups. The solo Rogue was definitely the easiest - I never really felt like the character was threatened, unless I was being careless, as it could just go into the shadows and recover.

The only encounter that was disappointing was the final one - it always seems to devolve into a tedious hunt for ghostly guardians that hide from you but don't really threaten you in any way. This is a real shame, as the encounters leading up to that are all very good.
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Re: Who has finished? [SPOILERS]

Postby Danes » Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:23 pm

Finished the first time with a beacon.
Now that the level cap is raised to 10, the racial trait bonus is almost meaningless, so it would probably be a good idea to choose race based on the racial ability, rather than the trait bonus.

I think I had a pretty good party members, too. Good communication, which is sometimes the most important part. I didn't really have a big problem, either. (unlike a solo runecaster facing flamewreath scions!) One concern would be how I can't play a quest arc in a row, but rather do other quests to be qualified to do those other quests.

I really liked the new abilities of the foes. Increasing encumbrance? Removing, instead of restoring, an ability? Switching spot with an enemy? Moving 3 squares? Ranged telling blow? Making more enemies?
Those were all really good.

Speaking of vell, the Mogru Dauth is kinda invisible. Most of my teammates didn't notice it. The encounter wasn't so hard either, so my parties couldn't retry the quest until we figured out there is something at the bottom corner. The bonus was huge (removing all negative conditions and increasing healing amount by 3!), and I also wanted to see what would happen if Vell (or Vellet) moved onto the aura tile.
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