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Re: Feedback time!

Postby derek » Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:14 pm

Also, and finally, for god's sake, put assail in the bludgeon category. Charge was bludgeon, why Assail, wich is the upgrade of it, change category? With how the game is done anyway, we can't really afford to put point in insight anyway.

I should have clarified earlier that Assail's attack is actually based on Strength, not Insight. Unless an ability's description says otherwise, attack rolls and damage are based on the weapon used, not the ability category. Assail and similar abilities like Seize the Opportunity therefore act like Strength-based Bludgeon skills even though they're unlocked by Tactics.

So no need to put points into Insight to get a decent attack out of Assail! Maybe the Quick Reference document needs to make this clearer, though.
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Re: Feedback time!

Postby Zephkiel » Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:15 am


It's good to know for the attack roll. It wont make the insight skill more usefull, but at least it's good to know that i can use assail without qualm if i ever want to use it. Right now, since the meta is all about AGI for most char, i already have dash, so i took crushing blow instead.

As for the vanguard, it's just how i feel, and since the game really revolve around solid/critical hit, and avoiding them, it might be hard to properly balance that.
Also, taking a 2-hander should really make your DPS go through the roof. While armor plate and shield should make you impenetrable, a zweihander should cleave a man in half easily, trading the deflection of a shield against that power is fair. right now i dont really find the 2H weaponry attractive compared to sword and board, but it have to do with all of the above.
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